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SmarDish is an ingredient based recipe finder, mostly focusing on Turkish - Mediterranean cuisines. You select what you already have as vegetables, legumes, dairy products etc. and our system will provide you our suggestions to prepare or cook.

All our content is crafted by our editors, checked and updated regularly. You can save your favorite recipes, and in case you have a few missing ingredients, you can add them into your shopping list.

In addition to your existing ingredients, you can also pick extra ones you're considering to buy and see other options our system will bring for you from our database.

Reuse your potential waste by enjoying Turkish & Mediterranean tastes with SmarDish!
Bilge Talgar
Content Creator
Serdar Cevher
Founder, Backend
Büşra Biçen
Content Engineering
Betül Üsküdar
App Design
Ömer Faruk Meral
App Development
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